God loves a true worshipper. The Almighty God, says 

             “ I seek a worshipper”.

Yes, God is no respecter of any man, but He respects a True worshipper.

   Let’s consider King Hezekiah in the Bible(Isaiah 38), when it was time for him to die and god had pronounced a death sentence over his life and and had sent prophet Isaiah to declare it to King Hezekiah. It was recorded that king Hezekiah turned his face to the Lord and made some speeches that made god change His mind, and the place of death was replaced with 15 more years.

King Hezekiah touched the heart of God. And God would let him go because the grave can’t praise the Lord.

     Worship is the feeling or expression of reverence ansmd adoration for a deity ,religious rites and ceremonies. 

    But in this contest, I’m talking exclusively about the worshippers of our only One and True God- Jehovah!

 *  A true worshipper of God is not that person who attends a particular church denomination, rather, he is that man,woman,boy or girl who understands what God requires of him or her at any point in time.

*  A true worshipper of God is able to detect when God is hungry and thirsty of adorations and thanksgiving via songs etc.

   Now, it is very important for us to and understand the difference between a Worshipper and a True Worshipper. A worshipper is more or less a ‘church goer’, who does not or may not have come to the understanding of what worship is all about and who God is.

   He or she sees worshipping as a Protocol that is usually observed during church service session. He or she may have a very good vocal but that’s not the case. As a matter of fact,he or she might have been raised in a godly home,so in order to reciprocate, he or she joins the church choir or worship team. But true worshipping is far more than that. It’s a personal relationship that must be built and experienced. It does no grow Spontaneously!

     If this person have not accepted Christ Jesus as his Lord and person(which is the most important part of the christian faith), he is obviously fulfilling some church or parental requirements. Truth be told,he or she is just offering Lip-Services.

      But a True worshipper does not need an audience before worshipping or praising. He does not seek to entertain the congregation; he’s not compelled before he worships- it flows from his heart which is always connected to God.

  A true worshipper does not have a particular time schedule for offering worship to God. He sees worshipping as an essential part of his life that maintained,whose link must not be broken. 

  Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes said and I quote:

      “If it were possible for God to have    weakness, it would be for worship. He  loves a worshipper. The Almighty! The All-Powerful God said- ‘I seek a               worshipper.”

     Now, note here that the worshipper mentioned here is not the type that offers lips-services,rather,the  true one that understands the mind of God.

         Finally, remember that:

God is a ‘Spirit’ and ‘They’ that ‘Worship’ ‘Him’ ‘Must’ Worship ‘Him’ in ‘Spirit’ and in ‘Truth’.” (John 4:24)

    Now you see what I’ve been talking about? Underline the words with the apostrophes and if you look up those words,you will see the clear picture of a Worshipper and a True Worshipper.

N/B: this article is extracted from my book that I’m still writing. 

    Hope it blessed you,your scope and perspective.


  1. Truly my dear. God is no respecter of any man. Ur position I the society does not count. So anyone that truly want to worship God, must worship him in Spirit and in truth.
    I’m so happy for ur zeal in spreading this good and glad tidings. I pray that God will inspire u more and also give us the grace to follow His footsteps in Christ victorious name. Amen.

    Liked by 1 person

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