I promised to bring you wealth of information that can motivate,inspire and encourage you, and your life.

  •    “Every man, woman and child has infinite potentials just waiting to be tapped.”____Dr. Edward L. Kramer .
  • “You must know yourself in order to know your powers, and not until you know them can you use them wisely and full.”___Ralph Waldo Trine
  • “Your mind like an eagle with its mighty wings, is capable of soaring to great heights.”___Sidney N. Bremer, J. D.

   Too many people have been content with a mere “animal existence” sort of life. Orison Swett Marden put it this way:

    “The trouble with most of us is that, while ambitious to succeed, we do not put ourselves in a condition to win; we do not cut the cords which bind us,or try to get rid of the entanglements and obstructins that hinder us. We trust too much to luck.”

      “Men are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; they therefore remain bound,” said James Allen in his book, “As A Man Thinketh.”

       “No desire is felt for a thing unknown,” says a Latin proverb.

   A generatiago the dictionaries described uranium as a rare small white metallic substance with known uses. During the generation past we have seen demonstrated a power from this uranium substance that has changed the course of civilization. Virtually unlimited power had been in this relatively unknown substance all the time but since the power was known, too, it was unused.

   People are a lot like this example of uranium. Although capable of tremendous accomplishments, nineteen out of every twenty are content to drift with the tides of life. To them, life is a struggle. They do not know their own capabilities—they have never learned how to succeed. Only a small part of their mental powerhouse is ever tapped. Unknown, priceless potentials remain virtually unused.

      Socrates’ guiding rule was “Know thyself.” These words are of eternal significance. No better advice was ever given to man.

   “There is no limit to the knowing of the self that knows,” the Hindus have said. There is no limit to the developing of the self which steadily and vigorously wills to unfold.

    Believe with Stevens that every man has in himself s continent of undiscovered possibilities. Happy is he who acts the Columbus to his own soul.

    As the future oak lies folded in the acorn, so in the present lies our future. Our success will be, can bex but a natural tree, developed from the seeds of our own sowing: the fragrance of its blossoms and the richness of its fruitage will depend upon the nourishment absorbed from our past and present.

   In an article entitled, The Energies of Men, published about the turn of the century in the Philosophical Review, Professor William James uses these words: “Most of us feel as if we lived habitually with the sort of cloud weighing upon us, below our highest notch of clearness in discernment, sureness in reasoning and firmness in deciding.”  Further on in the article, he describes how men from time to time,through various experiences, and chiefly by the aid of Suggestion, are enabled to “tap new levels of energy,” and thus disclose in themselves forces of which they had been hitherto ignorant.

    Professor James is here describing a common experience. We are all more or less conscious that we are vnot living up to our highest mental capacity; in our daily work we are not expressing our very best ability; when we undertake some enterprise we do not see it through with that measure of power of which we believe ourselves truly capable. 

How many times we come to the end of the week, or reach the completion ofbsomebtask with theme regretful feeling, that if we could only retrace our steps and tryvit over again,we should succeed much better. Then, there do come times to everyone of us when we seem to break through this “cloud that rests upon us so habitually,” when we are lifted to higher planes of mental activity, when we can command our mental resources as we do not ordinarily. Then it is that we able to do our work with a facility, an ease, a precision, an effectiveness, that causes us to marvel at our own skill and power. After such and experience we naturally ask the question, “Why have been able to do so easily and successfully what, at another time, I would have done laboriously and most unsatisfactorily? If at some times I am conscious of possessing such powers, why not at all times?” The answer lies in our ignorance of ourselves and the laws of our mental being. We cannot do so habitually, is due to our ignorance of the powers and capacities with which we are all endowed, and which need only to be called forth and developed.


         From the book entitled- SUCCESSFUL ACHIEVEMENTS by Sidney N. Bremer, J.D.

          Compiled by: Kelvin Oden

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