Yesterday, wrote intensively on the Personalities of a True Worshipper. Today, I’m continuing on the same journey, and I’m concentrating on The Heart Of Worshipper.
      I remember the time I developed passion for gospel music. The feelings and desires are very different from what I used to know and have. The conviction and peace it brings are superb and only those who are true worshippers will understand what I talking about in this blog post.

   *  The heart and mind of a true worshipper soars beyond the imagination and realm of an ordinary Christian.

   * He sees deeper into the realm of worship into God’s kingdom while worshipping here on earth.

          There’s nothing that thrills a true worshipper like worshipping with the right people and also in an atmosphere of worship, because his or her heart is made up of a constant flow of desire  to pour his heart in reverence and exaltation- no matter where he or she finds him or herself.

    * The heart of a true worshipper is like a flowing river that constantly sing out,worship or exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. It never runs dry of praises or worship,rather, he expands and flourishes like the cedars of Lebanon.

   * The heart of a true worshipper does not seek to be paid before it offers his service, neither does it seek to be paid after rendering his service. He was worships God even in tight corners,when his back is up against the wall. When there’s no food on his table,when there’s no money in his bank account. He sees and places God first.

    And there’s one amazing thing about a true worshipper; he seeks to worship God more and more and can’t seem to have enough of Him(God). He can forfeit watching a football match just to be found in the presence of his Maker(In this contest, I talking about  ‘singing’), rendering his service.

   * He does not see worshipping God in songs as a protocol that should be scheduled and observed during church activities and settings, rather,he sees it as a part of him that  diminishes each time he fails to do it. It happens to me likewise any other true worshippers. 

     You may say, “I don’t have a good voice to sing “, but let me quickly give you a news flash- 

       ‘Worshipping is not based on your voice texture, rather,your heart texture.

     This is what God want to see each time we worship Him. He does not want to see people who are musically skilled and inclined without a good heart of worship. Or those who make good worship but their hearts are far from him.

     “For God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth”. (John 4:24)

   How much time do you feed God? Are you starving Him? Is He pleased with your services?

      Remember, this is the major reason for our existence on planet earth. To be in fellowship with our Creator.

    Never let a rock cry out in your place.

           Copied from my book- MYSTERY,MIND & MOTIVATION.



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