Most people in the world are probably unaware that Ohafia (a local government of Abia State,Nigeria), has one of the best and most colorful cultural heritages.

    There could be no better place to be for vacation like in villages like Elu, Ebem, Asaga, Eziafor, Abiriba, Amekpu, etc. These places will leave countless Wows from your mouth.

     Among their cultural displays is Iri Aha (WAR DANCE).

  This is the most beautiful and significant of them all. And is performed at very important ocassion like, Igba Uche(Traditional Retirement of age groups), Iri Ji (celebration of the New Yam Festival), Coronations, and funeral services of very important personalities in the community.

      The above tent, is called Ulue Okara (that is- Wrapper House). This is built with colorful George Wrappers commonly worn at traditional functions by the Ohafians. This tent could also be used during traditional marriage ceremony for the bride.

 Indeed, Ohafia is a place to be during festive season and for good home made dishes like Ugba, Ukazu Agwu Agwu, Roasted Yam, Ahu (Melon Burns),etc.

    An out going (retiring age group) parading the streets of the community. Its usually a long parade but very fun.

   The above picture shows two family(brothers), retiring together from local or community functions. They are been accompanied from their various home by their family member,friends and well wishers to the village square and then to the King’s Palace.

   This celebration comes up every two-two or threes three years, depending on each village.

       Truly, Ohafia is a place to be. Next Igba Uche will be coming up by December 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively. Plan to visit this great land.

A village square at Eziafor in Ohafia local government of Abia State, Nigeria.

      Ohafia War Dancers.


     Ohafia, land of Great Achievers!!!
           From the tables of researches of Kelvin Oden.


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